Week 1

So, we’re here. The trip was fine, exhasting, but fine. We flew to Charlotte, then New York, then popped some sleeping pills and boarded El Al. That flight was a good 10 hours, but we slept through most of it, not getting up once- talk about a need to stretch! We only got emotional like twice and that was because we were listening to songs on our iPods that reminded us of friends or whatever. We were fine after a while, realized that we were actually going throught with this thing and there was no point in being upset. At least we have each other.

Landed in Tel Aviv with dad and stepsister Mika waiting for us. We made the hour and a half drive to Ramat Yishay where we had a nice Shabbat dinner at dad’s house with our saba and savta. We blessed the wine and bread and said prayers and ate salad, chicken, potatos and cuscos. After dinner I drove us to a nearby Pub where we had some coronas and cocktails. The bar style is so different here, so laid back..like martinis are served in plain tall glasses and they didnt know what a “dressed” beer was…when I asked for salt on my corona they brought me a salt shaker. Kinda cute.

After the pub Mika, Mirelle and I came home to relax in the newly added jacuzzi in dad’s backyard, or back area, because there’s not really a yard. We started Sex & The City but fell asleep shortly after and Mirelle and I slept till like noon! When we woke up it felt like it was 6 or 7 p.m, it will take another day or two for our bodies to adjust to the time change.

Our halfsisters, Mai and Leonne, are in love with us. They were shy when we first met, but have warmed up and wont leave Mirelle and I alone. They follow us and do what we do, they are sooooo cuuuuttteee! We have been learning Hebrew words from them and we’re teaching them English words. Sometimes I wonder if the understand that we are sisters, dad would always talk about us to them and show them pictures but I mean, they are 4 and 5 so will they remember these times were spending together? Anyways, really enjoying being around them.


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