So we tripped a couple days ago. We “tiuled” to Haifa- we as in Mirelle, John and I. We were sitting around the kibbutz, after I woke up at noon because we were out dancing till 5 AM! and decided to do something fun. We walked to the front gate of the kibbutz to tramp, which Mel and I have done like only tweece (tweece is our new word for twice) because its not so safe unless you are getting a ride from a kibbutznik and its just plain akward to hold your pointer finger out at passing cars hoping they will pity you and give you a ride and then when you get in and its silent its just funny. We always argue who has to sit in the front and one time we trammped with Alex and it was SOOOOOO hot in the car but none of us wanted to roll a window down or say anthing so we just kept joking discreetly about it and were cracking up…but SO AKWARD! Anyways, we planned to tramp to Yoqneam today and from there to take a bus or tuk tuk to Haifa because theres a bus stop there and bc tuk tuk’s come by there frequently and they are cheaper than cabs and faster than busses…but so we stood at the frontgate of the kibbutz for like 5 minutes and to our luck a guy pulled over after leaving the kibbutz and we were telling him our plans of going to Haifa and going to Yokneam to bus it there and he reminded us that busses dont run till later in the day because it was Shabbat (things close early Friday evening around 1 or so and open again only at like 7 on Saturdays to keep the holy day of Shabbat), so our tramp took us all the way to Tivon, which is actually near Ramat Yishay, where my dad lives. Our mission was to make it to Haifa and go to this falafel store so Mel could satisfy her craving. And John and I were wanting schwarma, I hadnt eaten all day and my mouth was salivating at the thought of that meat, bread and salad combination. Our dad took us to this falafel shop last week when he took us around Haifa, like to the University and we saw our old 2 homes from when we used to live here, and we went to eat falafel and dad calls this place the best in Israel. So from Tivon we bussed it to the mall Lev Hamifratz, the central train/bus station around to catch a ride to the restaurant. We cabbed it and got there and Mel got her “mana” (portion) to go and we asked around outside for where to go for amazing schwarma…and it ended up being right down the street and around the corner. Perfection. It was pure perfection, John and I got big ass schwarmas and shoved face while Mel finished her heaven. I swallowed it down the pinapple flavored water, just dont know how it could have gotten any better at that moment. Anyways, in short- our mission was accomplished and we were satisfied.

John had never really walked around Haifa and had never seen the Bahai Gardens so we walked around after eating and got ice cream at a place we were familiar with, I had one scoop passionfruit and one scoop german chocolate- great mixture btw. After that we waited at a bus stop for like 30 minutes and made it back to Lev Hamifratz, where we walked around the mall and then we waited for a bus back to Yoqneam for like an hour and a half! We were like passing out waiting, bc it was already like 11 at this point, but good thing we waited bc the 184 came and actually took us right into our kibbutz, it was some sort of weird luck. So fun, random day. I find I’m having a lot of those lately =)


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