bugs be gone

So today we had some guy come and spray our house for bugs because we have been experiencing an intrusion of ginormous spiders, and im not even exaggerating. there was one night where we were watching tv and dekel saw one in the kitchen out of the corner of his eye and went to spray it and kill it and he wouldnt even let me see its size because he knew i wouldnt sleep at night if i knew how big it was. and its almost worse that he left it to my imagination, but i know it must have been beyond big.

so we left the house for a couple of hours and went to visit his grandmother near haifa, in a little city called Kiryat Atta. It just made me miss my grandparents even more, but she is so sweet and its always cute to see how he is with her. he always pulls out a stool and sits next to her and holds her hand. we had lunch over there of schnitzel and pasta and salad. im suprised i had an appetite because i have been experiencing a non-stop headache for like 2 days, and its been so awful! but now were home and just relaxing. the house feels clean and everything is back in place and i can walk around barefoot without peeping around each corner of every room to check for spiders first. i was paranoid!

we went grocery shopping 2 days ago and got a great red wine; i think it will be a movie and wine night. we downloaded Inception, which im sure is old news to everyone in the states- but it just came out here and ive heard it was intriguing.

also got ingredients to bake chocolate chip cookies so im going to whip some up =)


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