chocolate balls & pink skies

this weekend has flown by and my work week will begin tomorrow at 7:15 when i roll out of bed and complain that i am tired until at least 9 AM- but this weekend has been great!

i kicked it off, thursday night, by visiting a longtime friend of the family in haifa, it was so nice to meet up and reminisce about memories when my parents were together, i found this picture of them in an old photo album she had: (how cute are they enjoying margaritas??)

after a couple of hours down memory lane, i scooped up dekel and we went to his brothers house for a bbq. we grilled chicken wings, steaks and kababs. we made salads, dished out pickles and sipped on vodka/ red bulls (which is such a common drink when dining at home). after the meal i crashed due to a food overload and slept until like noon the next day! our friday consisted of cleaning the car and the house and then of course, we went to his parents house for our weekly friday evening meal. that night we went on a little double date with my friend elysha and her b/f to this cute pub in a village called ein hod. its a nice atmosphere because its outside seating- which i love- and the weather was perfect,i wore short sleeves and was not the slightest bit chilly (which i usually am!).

we woke up this saturday and lazied around until we decided we needed to get a few groceries and until i decided i wanted to make a sweet treat. i went for chocolate balls, recipe in hebrew here. (ha! sorry i couldn’t find one that was similar in english)

first step: load cookies in a bag and crush

step two: dump the cookie crumbs in a big bowl

step three: boil milk, butter, cocoa, sugar & vanilla extract in a pot, then cool

step four: using a teaspoon form chocolate balls and place on cookie sheet

warning: it gets sticky =)

step five: sprinkle coconut flakes on the chocolate balls if you would like

step six: chill in the fridge, then enjoy!

after our chocolate ball experience, we decided to take full advantage of the amazing fall, evening weather. i was in shorts and a tank top and the skies were so beautiful!


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