welcome with open arms

Israel welcomes you with open arms, Forever XXI.
News broke this afternoon all across Israel that Forever XXI will be making a grand opening in Tel Aviv next year. Um….YES!!! I know I can always shop online, but there is nothing like browsing the racks in person. I’m one of those characters that loves to try on a million different things before deciding. I’m a libra, what can I say? So, in short, I am a very happy girl.
photo created by me, influence from this 5 inch and up post
A few items i would currently like to get my paws on from Forever XXI:

who doesn’t love a sultery undergrament for only $6.80?

cute rhinestone aligator ring, i can’t own enough rings!
love this long knit sweater with embellished pockets
a dressy navy satin button-up for work or a night out
What are some of your shopping weaknesses? Favourite stores?

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