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Living overseas obviously means my birthdays are celebrated differently than how they were celebrated back home in Dallas. Every year my mom would order my favorite ice cream cake (snickerdoodle) and all the fam & friends gather at my grandparents house to relax on their patio and have fun. My family and friends always wrap the best gifts and my grandparents shower me with silly things and inside jokes like White Cheddar Cheeze Its, tootsie rolls, socks, kitchenware, etc.. 

My aunt Carol was always the one to give me the coolest gift, a piece of funky vintage clothing, nice bunch of candles and incenses, jewelry I wanted, etc…This year I had asked that she e-mail me an giftcard for my birthday. I had originally planned to save up for a “professional” camera, but that idea flopped never came to fruition for many reasons. So…… the giftcard just sat in my inbox. My boyfriend has a birthday coming up so I did what I have to consider one of the most selfless acts I have done in a while.. I told him to pick out the running shoes he has been wanting and ordered them for him. I could have very easily made him something sweet, like I did last year, or taken him out to a fantastic steak house, but I think I will do that in addition. He is very deserving. He picked out some way cool Nike running shoes—> I’m thinking I could spruce them up for him with some fun yellow laces?

I have a bit of the giftcard left and all of this shoe ordering got me in the  shoe spirit 🙂 I decided to create a collage of the pumps I am tempted to “add to my cart.” I am leaning toward purchasing #’s 2 & 5. Which are your favorites? Something seems to pull me toward that electric blue though….as previously posted in this collage.

4. Steve Madden Women’s Tobbi Platform Pump, $43.40

6. Jessica Simpson Women’s Waleo Platform Pump, $89
7. Dolce Vita Women’s Tavi Platform Pump, $168.95
8. Steve Madden Women’s Caryssa Platform Pump, $129.95


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