My name in Hebrew means “a natural spring of water.” We visited a “me” last night in clebration of Dekel’s 25th birthday. We traveled to “Hamat Gader,” near the Kinneret, and relaxed in some natural hot springs. It’s a cute little place where you can get massages, visit an alligator park, swim and lay in jacuzzi baths or release tension by standing under falls of steaming hot water. Despite the unexpected crowd of people, it was pretty romantic. The water in the hot springs is about 115 degrees F and its recommended to only be in the water 15 minutes at a time. After about 25 I got light headed and needed to step out to take a breather. The weather outside was pretty cold, so we brought robes to wear and walk around in. We enjoyed each others company and worked up an appetite…

Hamat Gader
my smart ass did not bring sandals and the water on the ground was freezing, hence my lifting of the toes?
 sexy birthday boy
 after enjoying the hot springs for about two hours we went to a fine steak house called Marinado near the Kinneret. beer, wine and fresh red grapefruit juice were what we were craving
 we played hangman while waiting on our order. dekel’s word was “steak,” but spelled “stake.” ugh he’s so cute!!!
dekel ordered pork chops, his fav.
 best. steak. ever.
the picture speaks for itself. hot, gooey molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream….
uh yeah…..i was about this close to licking the plates. dekel stopped me.
the steak house had a wine filling station; a bottle for $8…yes please!
he’s been working out. and likes to dress as a gladiator. has anyone else seen these hilarious aprons? this is the second time i’m seeing them in israel and they crack me up every time!

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