Awkward & Awesome Saturday

I’m a huge fan of Sydney’s blog over @ The Daybook & she has asked her readers to provide an “Awkward & Awesome Thursday” post….but for me it’s an “Awkward & Awesome Saturday” post! =)


– When you are at a meal with the boyfriends entire family and you begin to choke in the middle of his dad telling a story and you are trying to play it off like you are not choking, but you must reach halfway across the table for the water and with shakey hands try to fill your glass and you can barely see from your eyes tearing up. Not that that happens to me…
–  When you are speaking Hebrew and you mix up words that sound very, very similar but have no similarity in meaning or context to what you are saying and everyone you are talking to bursts out laughing because you either A. insulted someone or B. made an ass out of yourself
– When you are walking toward someone in the hall at work and as you get closer you both move to the left, and then to the right, and then to the left again trying to avoid running into each other but you end up “dancing” and you have to sort of laugh and smile and play it off but you are both thinking of how weird that just was
– When boyfriend is giving you a relaxing massage after a long, hot shower and he is sitting on the back of your legs working your lower back when, out of nowhere, he pulls out the hair that accumulated in your butt crack from your shower and he is “jokingly” disgusted. This happens to everyone, right???
– Never, and I mean ever, getting the punch line of jokes. Always having to have someone explain it to me and then I’m the last one laughing, running with excitement to the joke-teller so claim that it was the funniest thing and the whole joke scene was over like 10 minutes ago
– Being incapable of memorizing my ID or cell phone number by heart and when it’s asked of me at stores, work, by coworkers, etc having to be like “Ummmm, just a sec…*dig through my black-hole-of-a-purse to find it*”

– Sleeping in till 2 PM today!!! I swear I was a bear in my past life….
– The amazing shrimp pasta with seasoned mustard sauce I whipped up for lunch yesterday, I never knew I had it in me to cook
– Getting compliments from strangers at work
– Boyfriend calling me his angel, it’s the sweetest nickname someone could give
– Taking on an additional project/ client at work, they must really believe in me, and that’s awesome
– Having a grapefruit tree 5 feet away from my kitchen so I can pick ’em and squeeze fresh juice every morning, day and night

I would love to hear your Awkward & Awesomes!!


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