my little appetite

it’s about 17:30 (yes, i have gotten used to thinking in military time) and i’m already dreaming of dinner which we will have in about 2 hours. we are headed to dekel’s family’s house tonight for a big shabbat meal. i am hoping there will be the usual soup with carrots, squash, dill, potatos and chicken as the starter. then a main course of schnitzel  and / or baked chicken with sweet teriyake sauce that his mom has been serving lately, which i love. and let’s not forget the million little salads that are scattered across the table, such as avacado salad, green salad, spicy roasted peppers, egg salad, etc….

i’m hungry to say the least.

anyways, i was wasting time on etsy and found this little shop. little is an overstatement, more like miniature shop. i don’t think it get’s any cuter than teeny tiny wearable foods. i wouldn’t wear them, per say– but i can still think it’s a way cute idea. plus, the seller is from israel which is double thumbs up.

some of my favorites:
falafel necklace, with all the toppings
 macaroon rings
 watermelon earrings; of course i would have to add some salt– anyone else salt their watermelon??
 licorice pins; strictly cherry though
 avacado earrings

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