the glories of a package

living abroad makes the small things coming from loved ones all that much better and more meaningful. you cherish and get excited over a phone call, an e-mail, a skype date, a letter, package, etc….

i have shared my love for receiving a package before – here– and this past weekend i received such a lovely package from a best friend that was too good not to share! (and this time there’s photos)  =)

in the proper package-opening stance

sally hansen ‘salon effects’ nail polish strips. heard of ’em?
popcorn containers (i’m still addicted) & reeses & playing cards!
some stange flower thing that Dekel’s mom said you wrap around a curtain rod?
last, but not least, my favorite item within the package. a freaking LAMB wristlet! gwen stefani has been one of my idols since like the 6th grade (i remember trading magazine photos of hanson/ spice girls with the other obsessors for no doubt/ gwen photos during recess!) and i have always wanted to own something from her line, but could never afford it. when i saw this gift i almost cried i was so excited! it’s so pretty!!!!
and this is the card i get: EWWW!    =)
thank you, dandi
you’re the best!

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