the mask

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freaked out?
i was a little freaked out as well when at work this morning we were given the opportunity to pick up government-distributed gas masks. we took our id’s to the distribution table and each box was scanned and we were given a gas mask with a serial number. the government keeps track of who has been distributed one and after a certain number of years, you are asked to ‘renew’ your gas mask. this campaign and collection of gas masks is not suprising to israeli’s and the distribution of the gas masks is not meant to cause fear or ignite worry, it was just a whole new concept for me, coming from texas and i was taken off-gaurd. “the service is provided to ensure that every israeli will be protected in case of chemical, biological or other attack that could temporarily threaten one’s ability to breathe.” (source)
here’s my first gas mask. now let’s pray we will not have to use them

* the content of this post is not intended to offend, but to simply to inform

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