day date

i think day dates are just as fun as night dates, but that they don’t get as much credit. you know, for a ‘regular date’ you dress up, probably nicer than usual, do your hair in a style out-of-the-ordinary, and get all dolled up in expectation of a romantic dinner, which usually lives up to its expectation….but day dates are just as fun & romantic if you ask me. today dekel and i had a day date and it was marvelous. we slept in till noon, got dressed comfortably and headed out for a little shopping (i withheld myself. i am proud), to the movies and to get ingedients to make a “mexican themed” dinner. man, i miss mexican food.

 im really into these side-braids lately

 one of my new tops; i wanted to share what it looked like on
dekel is so sweet, he rented the whole theatre just for us!!!!! 
no, there just really wasn’t anyone else. pretty unheard of, huh? we saw ‘riding hood’ – highly recommended.
 let’s not go into how many calories this meal included….this is why bf and i are taking a two day hike tomorrow.
also, we like hiking.
we will be hiking in the northern part of israel (pictured below), which means just as much to you as it does to  me. but it will be an adventure, i love hiking with dekel. two years ago, when we first started dating, we took a hike and it made me swoon. 
 his & hers
so…see ya monday! have a great weekend, ya’ll!

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