you spin, you win

hello lovlies, how is your weekend so far?

it’s flying by fast, but to slow it down for a night we went on a date to one of our favorite hot spots. it’s a little cafe in ramat yishay called ‘adela.’ they serve salads, pasta dishes, and seafood & you have the choice of heineken on tap of a whole menu of wines to choose from. we always share a bottle of our favorite white, its from ‘columbia- crest 2009 two vines: gewürztraminer.’ (we always just point to the name because who could pronounce that!) anyways, its delishious and if you spot it in your local supermarket, you should give it a try, chilled obviously.

so i took my new skirt out for a spin. literally:
i wanted to mix-match the prints a little, so i wore the skirt with my giraffe print heels
little munchies served at the cafe:
garlic & lemon olives and cabbage

glad blogger is back up & running…i was getting worried!

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