he came bearing gifts

my dad just got back from the 30th medical scientific meeting in austin, texas hosted by the american pain society. this annual event is always in a different, amazing location & next year is in honolulu. totes jeal to say the least.

anyway- he acts as my personal messenger/ gift carrier when he travels back home to texas, for me to pass things to my family or vice versa. this time i asked my mom to locate, in my sadly abandoned closet, my perfectly destroyed abercrombie jean jacket from like the 9th grade because a jean jacket is the perfect staple in any wardrobe and i didnt bring it when i moved here because….well…i didnt think i would end up living here. so it arrived with some other goodies. like these hot new balance running shoes, as my nike shox from like 3 years ago gave me the world’s biggest blister from this hike that i still have a scar from. it was definetly time to replace the sport shoes. bare minerals faux tan was needed, i like to keep a supply. of course they sell different brands of bronzers here in israel, but i fell in love with bare minerals, thanks to this girl. my sweet sister picked out a super cute op bikini from walmart (would you have guessed?!) and these adorable sandals from target in such a great shade of teal.

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  =)

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