new sandals & such

going home in september means saving money now for the shopping i will be doing then. but on friday i met up with a friend at a mall in haifa to lunch & browse and i couldn’t help myself to a couple items.

i needed new sandals baaaaddd, so picked up these gold ones from h&m and the leopard ones from zara. the seafoam green tee was $5 from a new store called bershka. they had other cute things, but i am limiting myself  =)  the necklace was a perfect match for my gold sandals and scooped it up for like $3.

dekels became an uncle for the second time two days ago. his sister gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little baby girl, maya. we went to visit her at the hospital and could not stop ooohing & aweing over the tinyness of her little fingers and lips.


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