picture overload

i mentioned here, herehere that i had a few friends fly 6,969 miles to visit me and vacation, but i needed to wait to post pics on my blog until they uploaded them to facebook, as we used their cameras to document the moments. i wanted to share bits & pieces of our lovely two and a half weeks of fun. hope you enjoy!

picking molly & sammy up from the airport
 still burnt & peeling from this unfortunate event. i looked freaky!
watermelon & feta cheese
 double dinner date @ BBB
 molly & sammy
 best friends
 touring the bahai gardens in haifa
beachin’ it
 haifa beach
 poker night!
 picnic spot
8th grade
beer run
 random camel in nazareth
 meat, anyone?
 dekel beach in eilat
 ice shots. better take ’em quick! they melt….
 molly’s note for the wailing wall in jerusalem
 at a church in nazareth
@ the pub in tel adashim, where we live
 floating in the dead sea
 at a cabin near tiberias
 shot time with shanna!
the night before molly & sammy left back for dallas. dinner @ barbarosa
 tomato time. don’t ask.
 a token for their home

*sorry if that was a lot to swallow, but of course, i could not just pick out one or two or twenty photos.

have a happy weekend,


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