ten secrets

i can thank my dear friend marli for inspiring me once again.
she is a fantastic friend & an amazing blogger and she never fails to provide inspiring material that makes me want to copy her =)
1. if i thought i could get away with it,
i would highlight my hair pink
 2. i am terrified of having babies & still havent decided if i even want to bring one / them into the world & i sometimes feel guilty about that
3. i have a pen pal
4. i have a differnt personality in hebrew

 5. i used to smoke

6. my boyfriend & i are about to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure which i have told no one about

7. i color coordinate my closet, but that’s about the only thing i am meticulous about

8. i drink some beer or a glass of wine or champagne almost every night

9. i remember playing dress-up in my grandmother’s jewelry with my cousins when we were little & picking out the pieces i wanted her to will to me

10. i am more outgoing, friendly, curious & couragous now than i have ever been in my life and its liberating

i dare you to take this 10 day challenge  =)
it’s a lot harder than i thought it would be!
up next : nine loves


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