an end to a great weekend

this weekend has been fantastic! it started out thursday night with a quick trip for some frozen yogurt with all the right toppings, then relaxing at home with some wine and my boy. friday after class, we hit up the beach with some friends and played in the waves. the water was not even cold, it felt so nice and the weather couldnt be better. i love the beach here. friday night we double dated to see “bad teacher.” anyone seen it? it was pretty cute. it was kinda weird to see cameron diaz play such a different role. anyways, today i have been studying, in between tv watching breaks. i have marketing journal summaries due next week and a business with japan case study to read. oh, and not to mention a managerial economics assignment. fun stuff! no but really, i am enjoying my studies and cant believe that in one month we will already be completeing the 2nd semester. also in 1 month from today i will be on a plane with my man to visit home!! can’t wait to see family & friends and do “dallas-y things,” like hang out on greenville, shop at northpark, go to traders village in grand prarie, hit up addison. but most of all, i cant wait for the times when we will just be hanging out with friends & family, like at my grandparents house, or friends houses. those are the best!

can you tell im excited and dreaming about it already?  =)

anyways, i would like to share some pics from my weekend,
if you would like to see…
yummy frozen yogurt with amazing toppings. mine had kiwi, click (its like these little crunchy chocolate balls), coconut flakes, wafer rolls with chocolate filling & drizzled chocolate to top it off. dekel likes to keep it simple (and somewhat healthy) with melon and granola.
 our day at the beach

hope you are having an amazing weekend as well. back to work for me tomorrow, but my week starts off equally great with a breakfast date with my dad in the morning.


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