reminiscing is my remedy

been stuck at home sick for the past two days with a terrible sore throat and a throbbing head. the doc said it will take 2 days to get the results back from my throat swab. isn’t that so 1990’s? we’re in the 21st century and it still takes 2 days to get results to know if i need to be on antibiotics or not? hmmm…

anyways, to brighten myself up ive been reminiscing about the trip boyfriend and i just got back from. here’s the last batch of photos that i will post; these were taken on our 5-day getaway in cozumel, mexico. hope you enjoy!

on our way to beautiful mexico!
the resort’s private beach
our first night out
main area of the resort. that place was huuuggeee!
there were so many different pools, slides & bridges.
the resort was beautiful
about to snorkel!
one of the many giant cruise ships that stop in cozumel daily
mexican style shotglasses. HILAR!
enjoying a $1 beer.
thats what the shop keepers use to lure you in  🙂
an adorable puppy in the market
colorful skulls
@ margarittaville!!!
beautiful sunset from our balcony
buffet on the beach with our new friends
me. limbo-ing.
 lounging around the resort
 this guy is the resort’s pet
 now that’s the life….
a bar on the beach with swings.
now that could get dangerous  🙂
 crystal clear water with all different shades of blue and green
 the cutest little sea urchent that washed up on shore.
we saved him  🙂
 just floatin around….the water was perfect!
  after a day of swimmin’ & suntannin’
 delishious dinner of surf…
 & turf…
 spa day at the resort
 handsome man & beautiful background
 heading off for breakfast…
 about the leave mexico.
taking advantage of wifi while we wait for our cab.
 we left right when the storm hit. good timing.
mexico, we miss you already. 

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