would you rather?

joanna goddard’s blog a cup of jo is a daily read for me. is it for you, as well? she is genuinely interested in her readers’ opinions, thoughts, feelings and feedback and that tickles my fancy.

i am curious to get to know my readers’ (if i even have readership :/ ) personalities as well, as i think a blog (or at least mine) is aimed at getting to know people and to connect people on a personal level. i have even begun penpalling with one lovely reader thanks to blogging!

i would be delighted to know, what’s your name? where are you from? what do you do? and just for fun (since my blog is titled fly far), where would you most want to travel out of the following.
which would you rather? =)

1. africa
2. france
3. thailand
4. brazil
5. austrailia
photos via google & yahoo

please share!

although i would be overjoyed to go to all of the above, i am 99.9% sure my next trip will include thailand!


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