the sweet smell of sugar cookies

i did it! …with the help of boyfriend. 
dough is one tough cookie. pun intended. 
even though i followed this recipe to the tee, my dough ended up like falling apart. granted, i don’t have a mixer, maybe that has something to do with it. but byofriend came to the rescue and helped me kneed it back together so we could cut out shapes to bake & decorate. of course, here in israel there are no cute, christmas-themed cookie cutters so i used stars & heart’s.

crumbled m&m’s, oreo hershey bar & 
mint, dark chocolate for toppings
 i melted already-ready vanilla icing & added a drop of food coloring to make pink & light green
they came out dangerously delishious!!! 
i have seriously already eaten like 5 in a span of 1 hour…

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