new year, same celebration

it was funny looking back at last year’s nye post because boyfriend and i did the same thing this year! the convienience of having a pub-by-day, club-by-night within walking distance from your residence is too good to be true. not too easy to come by in good ‘ol dallas. anyways, so, we walked to the bar and stood in line to get into the party that was thumpin with 20-somethings. when i saw that waiting patiently wasnt getting us anywhere, i decided to use take advantage of my secret weapon. english. i walked us right up to the gate-keeper and asked, naively, in english, what it took to get in. just like that she asked for id and let us in the side entrance, past all the pushers and shovers in line. we stumbled inside, took a shot of vodka and then the countdown to 2012 began. sparklers were lit and midnight was announced and it was so fun to dance the night away. we rocked our kanye sunnies that my friend molly brought us when she visited. fyi- i totally went to the party in a black turtleneck sweater, but shed that thing after about 10 minutes of gettin’ down. it. got. hot.
charlette russe tank, h&m skirt
how funny that after i bought this skirt i realized it was in katy perry’s tgif video?!?!
how did you ring in the new year ?

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