my weekend will consist of…

i think i will make these “my weekend will consist of…” posts a permanent thing. it has a cute ring to it & it motivates me to try new things over the weekend 1 day i have off from school / work. last weekends attempt at a two-toned mani was a flop, i dont have that pretty, glittery maroon nail polish- so i tired with gold and it looked terrible. plus i was antsy & didnt wait for the 2 coats of black to dry before putting tape on my fingers so when i removed the tape, some of the polish smudged. im thinking tape is not the way to go…maybe i need to try a sticky post-it instead. 
any other ideas?

but on the other hand, the southwestern eggrolls that i we tried turned out so yummy! as i have complained about before, they dont have mexican food in israel, meaning…i was shit outta luck when trying to find “mexican blend cheese,” so i used feta and parmesean instead. also i could not find eggroll or wonton wrappers at the grocery store (seriously the asian foods section is not even a shelf!) so i picked up rice papers which i figured could be substituted. its not that they didnt work, but my “eggrolls” turned out paper thin and the taste came only from the filling, there was no real ‘crunch’ to the eggroll. but the product was flavorful with a kick, we even made salad with the leftover filling the next day and added chicken. yum! highly suggested. the avacado ranch wasnt bad either, buttermilk doesnt exist here so i googled how to make it at home and it was easy: 1 cup milk + teaspoon lemon juice. weird, huh? 

anyways, so this weekend my weekend will consist of…

                                               mixing & applying this:

                             whipping up & rubbing this all over my body:

                         giving & receiving (hopefully!) one of these:

visiting here:
& last, but not least, celebrating my baby’s birthday!
happy weekend!

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