he put a ring on it

so…i got engaged this past weekend!
im like so akward about it because im not like screaming from the rooftops and i feel like im not enthusiastic enough. it has nothing to do with how much i love dekel, because im madly in love with him. the thing is that we had talked about getting married before so i knew it was coming. i just didnt know when or where. i didnt even know he would actually ask me to marry him, since we had already talked about it and agreed it was something we would do in the near future. but it was so sweet and he totally caught me off-guard and im so happy. we are so happy. we plan on flying to a nearby greek island called cyprus to marry in a civil ceremony and then celebrating with friends and family in israel and then again in dallas when we move back next year.

some photos to document a special day to us:
random wild horse & a beautiful sunrise
 fog on the way to the hermon mountain
pretty pine needles

playing in the snow

 nervous to go on the ski lift. i had no idea a proposal was to come!
 riding up in the freezing cold with winds of like 100 mph
warming up & enjoying hot chocolate after he proposed
the simple, yet gorgeous wedding band

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