day 4. my parents

my parents are wonderful. 
they are both encouraging, supportive and loving.
my mom lives in dallas and i miss the hell out of her! i can already tell i am like her in many ways, like i have the trait of hers to always want to include people, to never have anyone feel left out. i definetly took that from her. she is also very giving. she puts her family before anything else and i can only hope i grow to be as selfless. she is very casual, especially now that us three kids (i have two siblings from the same parents) are all over 18. my mom’s not afraid of anything…i took this from her too. and without a doubt, i have her “travel spirit.” she encourages me to fly far, saying “you can always come home” and “you are never lost, you are always somewhere.” i love that i can count on her for anything. we have grown (esp since high school) to be best friends and so very close. i love you, mom!
my dad lives here in israel and i see him about once or twice a month. he is hard working and very driven and this is where i get my drive for success and my business skills. he is rational and thinks way more on the practical side than his emotional side, which is actually very unlike me. my dad is true to his word and if he says he will be there or he will help, you better bet your bottom dollar he means is. dependable, i hope i get this from him  🙂 ive always been a daddy’s girl. i love you, dad!

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