new & blue

i did a little shopping yesterday.
it was just the time alone i needed to pick up a few new items and blow off a little steam. work has been extremely stressful lately and shopping is my outlet. i know, thats bad. but i was reasonable, meaning i walked into the mall with the intention to pick out items that i would wear to work, that would be versitile and to stay within a budget. i set a budget for myself of 300 shekels, which is about 75 dollars, and proudly didnt go over it. you are probably thinking 75 dollars is a lot to blow at once, but the cost-relation in israel is out of this world! i always compare the prices of things here to the prices of things in the states and get so bummed. with $75 i only got 3 items  🙁  but, for the time being, this is where i live and its not like im going to stop buying stuff, so….i picked up this bright blue button-up from bershka, these new black matchstick capris from h&m and some super cute two-toned flats from pull & bear that will make their apprearance on the blog very soon.
i thought to make my shirt pop in some photos for today’s blog post, we would cross the street from our house and take snap some in the beit knesset, or synagogue, that unfotunatly went up in flames a few months ago. joanna just posted the cutest post here & after thinking about it, i think im good at bargaining with people & finding beauty in destruction, like below.
more photos from this shoot here  =)

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