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the other day i got to thinking how far i have come in this journey of learning hebrew. i currently consider myself fluent, after living here for (almost!) four years and finally being able to understand at least 95% of the language, even though i am learning new words and phrases every day.

hebrew has both masculine and feminine words, which took me forever to absorb since there are “exceptions” to the norm. i still make mistakes sometimes, using masculine verbs for a woman or vice versa…woops (mentioned in my “akwards” from this post!). i also still think, process information, count and formulate what i want to say in english in my head, which i am working on, but i said something the other day in english that is also a word in hebrew and i thought it would be fun to share some random words with you guys that have meaning in both english and hebrew, even though the definitions have nothing to do with each other. even making this list was hard because i had to say the word out loud and since i, obviously, hear the word in english first, i had to sometimes ask dekel what it meant in hebrew again…if that makes any sense…

anyways, enjoy your first mini hebrew lesson!

1. poor- means fate in hebrew
2. bore- is a hole (in the ground, like a pothole)
3. beastly – this is an israeli snack
4. pot – means vagina in hebrew (innappropriate, i know! but i couldnt help but to share this with you guys!!)
5. bite- means house
6. mean- means sex
7. wreck- means empty
8. teal- means rocket
9. peel- means elephant
10. mime- means water
11. or- means light (not in context of weight)
12. shy- means gift
13. run- means happiness
14. gum- means also
15. gun- means kindergarden
16. toot- means strawberry
17. dug- means fish
18. putt- is a loaf of bread
19. yum- means sea
20. guy- means valley
21. bar- means wild
22. luck- means nailpolish
23. he- means she/her (weird, i know!)
24. who- means he/him
25. pee- means times (like x2)
26. door- means generation
27. can- means yes
28. low- means no
29. shell- means of (like posession)
30. tough- means children
31. ten- means give (but in masculine form)


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