the little things in life

my dad just returned from a very short business trip to the states, usually when he travels all the way over there for business, he makes a pitstop in texas to visit my brother and sister. he was only in dallas for two days, but my mom, sister & brother managed to get a few special things together in a care package for him to bring back to me. it is SO nice to receive a few familiar things from “back home” when living in a foreign country. thanks again mom, mirelle & ben!
peanut m&m’s, confetti cupcake mix (my favorite!), pink buttercream frosting, pretty cupcake holders, a handmade bracelet made from recycled materials (more about that here), flavored drink enhancers, different flavored gum, a goofy, but fitting, card & some praline almonds and slim jim for my israeli grandparents on my dads side (my mom always sends them treats too)
my mom knows i hardly drink water unless its flavored  🙂
extra dessert delights is sooo goood! i love these flavors! root beer & mint chocolate chip, which just tastes like mint
*sorry for the crappy phone pics, but we are cameraless for a while

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