i honestly dont know how to even write about this.
its still so fresh.
i have thought about this day for a while now, dreaming it would come sooner but never thought it actually would and now im kinda nervous.
nervous good and actually nervous.
im quitting my job.
my last day of employment is july 16.
i have been wanting to for months a while now, but just didnt have the guts to do it. its like i needed approval from my husband and dad before thinking it was an “okay move” to make in life, ya know?
i will take a lot of experience and a few friendships from flextronics.
i learned all about the world of manufacturing from this project manager position that i have been holding for two and a half years now.
and, in hebrew, nontheless.
i also havent shared on my blog our plan for the future, which i would like to do.
husband and i plan to move back to texas.
we plan to leave israel in december and travel to asia for a few months (mentioned here!), then settle in dallas february 2013. of course, our little master plan depends on my success in school. it would just be stupid for me to leave israel without my mba in hand and i need to bring my average up to 80. its currently at 78, so its nervewreckingly borderline. if i dont bring it up to 80 by the end of this semester, there is a possibility i will need to stay in israel past december to re-take a few courses that i didnt do so well in. this doesnt sit well with me, so i think its the right time to leave my place of employment and kick my butt into gear. and thats what im doing.
i will be spending my free time studying my ass off.
i will also be preparing to move, selling gently used clothes on ebay worldwide (here!) and furniture to buyers here in israel.
i will be acting as a housewife which im kinda excited about, preparing meals for my husband when he gets home from work and keeping the house clean.
i will be excercising.
i will be blogging.
i will be happy.

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