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hey guys!
i absolutely love commenting on other people’s blogs (& when other comment on my blog and link back so i can find their blogs), especially when i want my voice heard or i want to leave a compliment & i JUST found out how to actually leave a link back to my blog in the comment form, and i thought i would share on my blog in case others may not know.
…then again, maybe im the only slow one…  =)
you leave your comment, your name & then type in this code in the pic below. Change “URL” to where you want to link (whether it be back to your blog, or to another site you want the blogger to see) and change “Title” to what you want the link to read.

*sorry its not “copyable,” i couldn’t get it to just show “text,” it kept turning into code!!

here’s how it would look, linking back to my blog:

fly far

i love learning html!
if you know of any cool codes, do share!



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