husband and i will be going “on vacation” to tel aviv this weekend!
it’s funny to even call it a vacation because tel aviv is literally only about a 40-minute drive from where we live, but its a completely different world of fun. so, i guess, its more like a “staycation.”
you see, we live in the northern part of israel, where there are many agricultural fields & lots of land and the major cities are few & far between. i love where we live because its beautiful, green and spacious, but i need action.
i’m from dallas, ya’ll.
a major city.
where there is nightlife,
an overload of restaurant and bar options
& about a million places to go out and shop.
there is always something to do in dallas.
in the north part of israel…not so much…
so, we are headed to tel aviv.
we will have two days, one night & we will make the most of it!
we will be checking in early friday morning, heading straight to the carmel market to pick up some new stuff for my etsy shop. (do you guys have any suggestions for things you would like to see me sell on etsy from israel?? any suggestions/ideas are welcome!) then we will go out for a local lunch of schwarma, most likely, & an ice cold beer to cool off  because temperatures in tel aviv in the summer are almost unbearable! after shopping around and goofing off, we will head to back to the hotel to lounge around by the pool & relax, then we will indulge in a romantic 50-minute couples massage. after showering off the oil and waking back up, we will set off to dinner at a new-to-us place because discovering the city is just so much fun! tel aviv has the cutest pubs and bars, last time we were there was over a year ago, so im sure we will find a new hot spot  =)
for saturday, we have purchased tickets to see the “bodies of work” exhibit by german anatomist gunther von hagens. have you guys heard about this? i’ve been to “body worlds” in dallas, but dekel really wants to experience this exhibit too, so im going again for him. it’s a very interesting and educational exhibit and i highly suggest going to see it, if it comes to your town. it’s not for the light-hearted, that’s for sure! hagens uses actual cadavers to display for the purpose of informing people on how the body operates. the exhibit displays scenes that are very realistic, like friends playing cards, a runner running, a to-be-mother carrying, etc…in order to show which muscles operate in different situations. anyways, its really cool!
after the exhibit, we will probably head home & plan our next vacation  =)
do you ever go on “staycations” in your country / state?

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