quitting meat cold turkey

dekel and i are going vegan.
we are going to stop eating meat & animal by-products alltogether.
we are quitting life as we know it. cold turkey. (pun intended)  🙂
this includes eggs & dairy.
and i looooovvvveee me some cheese!
it’s going to be hard and its not going to happen over night, but its a way of life we think we should lve by.
we just believe very strongly in animal rights and humane justice too much.
we are starting with our diet first, substituting things like soy milk & tofu for what we are used to, and slowly we will work veganism into our way of life in other aspects, like our home products, my cosmetics, our furniture, maybe even clothing…
“becoming” vegan is never something i even considered before a few days ago when i saw this.
it shook me.
i was never thinking about what i ate and where it came from until i “took my blinders off.”
i am not writing this to try to convince others to do the same, but i would like to suggest that you really become very aware of what you put into your bodies and where the food you eat comes from. living a healthy life and being kind to others (whether its to people, animals or nature!) are the some of the most important things in life, in my opinion.
so, to kick off our veganism, we devoured some falafel  🙂
wearing: tee from marshalls, hot pink bra from target, skirt from h&m, belt from golf,
sandals from twenty four seven & a LAMB wristlet from my bestie






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