in some serious heat

it was a whopping 106 degrees here today!
i kid you not.

breakin’ a sweat was inevitable so we thought to take advantage of the summer heat and go to one of my favorite places in israel, the sahne. its a natural spring in the middle of a valley and its called “a miyan.”
we kicked off the morning with breakfast for two at cafe cafe (as usual), then headed to play in the sun. we strategically chose to go on a weekday so it wouldn’t be crowded and our plan worked! usually this place is packed with families, tour groups and picnicers, but today we almost had the entire park to ourselves.
here are some photos from our day of fun:
waiting for breakfast
 just getting there
where we set up shop.
i love the shadows of the palm trees on the grass!
  posing for some pics!

a little hideout
the waterfall
 it was so hard to stand up under there!
 showin’ off my diving skills…not really. i suck.
 dek showin’ off his skills…
swimming that whole way is a great workout  🙂
   a dekel (dekel means palm tree in hebrew)
 leaving the sahne as the sun went down…

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