booties & a fishtail

we took the final exam of our MBA career this afternoon and BOY it feels good!
we have one last meeting next week for a presentation, but i dont have to present so i have officially checked out and am done!! it hasnt sunk in yet that i have earned my second degree, but i have my parents to thank for pushing me and supporting me  🙂
i decided to look cute for the occasion (im usually caught sporting yoga pants and hoodies to school) & busted out my favorite dress that i scored at the market in tel aviv (last worn here), my most comfortable booties from hallelu & a pop of color with a beaded necklace from tnt.
i attempted the fishtail braid for only the 2nd time in my life, which held up for the photos and my exam, but by dinner and drinks half my hair was falling out of the braid & i concluded that i need to work on making it tighter.



how cute is this little guy?
he was on the floor in the main buidling of the university…i just had to snap his pic  🙂

his: hoegaarden, hers: monica belicchi (gin, pinnapple & sprite)
tomorrow we are going to have shabbat dinner at my aunt’s house, then saturday we are planning on taking a 5-hour hike near a kibbutz where i used to live called yagur, i love hiking (examples here, here & here)! this hike is one i said i would do before i left this country, so im pumped! ill be sure to take some pics, the views will be amazing…

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