take a hike!

since we have finished with school, our weekends have finally opened up and we dont have to spend them cooped up in the house studying. it’s so freeing!
we decided to take a hike on saturday, one that i said i would take before ever leaving israel.
it’s a hike through (& up!) the carmel mountains of haifa. the beginning point is at kibbutz yagur, where i used to live and study hebrew and i just never got around to hiking it, so that was our plan for saturday. we knew the hike would be long (5 hours), so we came prepared with 5 liters of water, granola snacks & two maps.
here are some pics from our hiking adventure:
a little too excited at 7 AM

 breakfast: pita with za’atar & another pita with mozerella
 dek ready to hike!
after the first climb.
we havent hiked in a while, so it took a lot out of me!
the view
(& we’re not even halfway up the mountain yet!)


the hike was just beautiful!
twisting and turning paths shaded and covered in leaves…
 taking one of many breaks
 another gorgeous viewpoint
 grapes in a druze village we hiked up to
  taking a cold, carbonated drink & popsicle break before we hiked back down the mountain
pineapple popsicle!
 we definetly had two of those each…
sabres, aka prickly pear
cute joke: “what do native israelis and prickly pear fruit have in common?
both are tough & thorny on the outside, and soft & sweet on the inside.”
here’s the view from the very top of the carmel mountain…
you can even see the medeterranian to the left!
what a beautiful country…
after our longer-than-anticipated hike due to a little detour we tried to take which ended up taking us 2 hours off the track, we needed some fuel so we stopped at a cafe in ramat yishay
 we scarfed down a big ‘ol hallomi salad (one of our favorites, proof here & here)
seriously though, our bodies are so sore.
we love hiking, but when you dont do it for a while and then you go out there and hike 10+ miles, it does a number on ya!
what’s your favorite outdoor activity?

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