all cleaned up

yesterday dek & i washed our car and cleaned our house. we were worn out to say the least!
we always divide duties when cleaning the house, so that we stay out of each others way cause i tend to get cranky when cleaning- ha! i usually mop, dust and windex the windows and dek vaccuums, does the bathroom and other little things. and we get the job done under an hour. we hate cleaning so we like to get in and get out.
anyways, after our washing the car (interior & exterior!) and cleaning the entire house, we took a nap.
then i had a date with my friend, basmat. we met at a cute little restaurant called lala where we shared a bottle of chardonnay and spent four hours catching up and cracking up. she’s so sweet and even though i dont see her very often, when we get together we can talk about everything and anything 🙂
 isnt she gorgeous?!
basmat had a friend who worked there & he was so sweet and brought us a chocolate ball covered in espresso to share
today is still a holiday here, so dek has off work & we plan to go out for breakfast and then see where the day takes us…

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