lunching, shopping & sinai

yesterday dek & i went for a late breakfast/ early lunch at our favorite place, cafe cafe. we get a discount there of 50 shekels off, so our entire meal (which is huge!) comes out to $15 bucks, which is fairly cheap here in israel. we ordered the usual ‘breakfast for two’ which comes with juice of your choice (i got red graprefruit & dek paid a little extra and got blended mint lemonade) & i skipped on the eggs and got double salad. the breakfast is also served with bread and tons of toppings, like guacamole, cheeses, olive/garlic spread, jam and butter…yum!
after filling our bellies we walked around the shopping center in nazareth & dek found a super soft zip-up sweater from fox and i took home a really pretty, very unique-looking top which i plan to wear on our upcoming trip to sinai.
i forgot to even talk about our upcoming trip on the blog!
in one week from now, we will be headed south to sinai, which is across the border of israel into egypt.
we will be staying at the hilton taba for 3 nights, at an all-inclusive resort where we plan to scuba dive, jet ski and have dinner on a boat out in the red sea. we could not be more excited, to say the least!!

we are going to celebrate finishing school and earning our second degree, but since my birthday is in 9 days, ive convinced myself it’s my bday trip  🙂

 wearing: gifted dress from a friend (thanks shanna, if you are reading this!), necklace & wedges from target

 i purchased a little something special to wear on our trip!
you will see how pretty it is in a week!

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