ramen on steroids

it all started two weeks ago with a severe craving for ramen noodle soup.
they don’t have the brand ‘ramen’ here in israel, but i did find a small package of beef-flavored noodle soup at the grocery store near our house, so i got one and after devouring it had a “ah-ha moment,” where i was like “i could SO make this!” so i did.
i mentioned here that dek and i were becoming vegan, but turns out its very hard to quit everything at once, meat and all animal by-products. so since making that declaration, i need to make a revision. we have stopped eating meat (& we’re not even missing it!) and really tried to cut back on animal by-products, like cheese and egg products. we dont stock eggs at the house and we consume only soy or rice milk.
anyways, since becoming vegeterian everyone is asking us “so…what do you eat?” and were like “ummmm, everything but meat.” so i thought i would share a delishious vegeterian meal i have been making a couple times a week, in different variations. were taking this to dinner tonight at dekel’s parents house because i brought it last weekend for the jewish new year meal and dek’s brother loved it  🙂
so, you will need some veggies (i used carrots, mushrooms & brocolli, but peas and/or corn would be great in this, too!), chicken-flavored soup broth, vegetable noodles (i used spinach & tomato) or regular noodles, spices of your choice (i used garlic powder & sweet paprika) and a little bit of butter & olive oil
1. wash your veggies, peel your carrots and steam your broc
2. chop the carrots and mushrooms into medium size pieces, they will shrink a little when cooked
3. heat up one tsp butter and about 1 tbs of olive oil & add veggies to cook
4. generously season the veggies with your seasonings of choice
5. take 2 tbs of chicken broth and add to boiling pot of water & whisk around to make sure there are no clumps 
 6. add your noodles when the water is boiling

7. the noodles should cook in boiling water for about 5 minutes, but taste to make sure they are cooked. when cooked thouroughly, strain them and then immediatly pour into cool water to “shock” the noodles & strain again
8. cut up your steamed and cooked brocolli
 9. add your veggies to your noodles & voila!
a delishious vegeterial meal that people will be asking the recipe for  🙂
dek & i dont have any plans for tomorrow, but getting out of the house for a little bit is a must so im sure we will come up with something fun  🙂
what are you doing this weekend?

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