sinai, day one

dek & i just got back from our vacation in sinai, egypt and i thought it would be fun to give you guys a day-by-day play on what we did while there. we were there from tuesday-friday and we had a blast to say the least…and it would be a shame not to share the amazing photos we have¬† ūüôā
first off, let me start by saying that we ended up booking our stay at the movenpick resort in taba.
it was between that and hilton taba and we’re glad we ended up going with movenpick because they offered¬†all-inclusive (3 meals a day + snacks¬†+ soft drinks and alcohol)¬†so it was very convienient, plus movenpick’s grounds were much bigger and their private beach proved to be nicer and more spacious than hilton’s. the only “down side” to the resort was the lack of night entertainment, like at night there was really nothing fun to do, no dancing, no exciting shows and also the quality of the food buffets was relatively low, but dek & i are not that picky and we found something to eat at each meal and we had books to read in the evenings, so we got over it, but those would be my only complaints.
ok….so…we got up early tuesday morning (early = 4:30AM) and set out on the 5-hour roadtrip to¬†eilat (where you cross the border into egypt), we had to get to the border cross by noon because it was a holiday eve and they were shutting down early. anyways, so we parked our car there in eilat at a public parking lot and walked across the border from israel into egypt, going through multiple security and passport checks along the way. it was it’s still so weird to me¬†that you literally just walk through some buildings and security points and *poof* you are in another country.
from the border cross, you can walk to the resort and we ended up arriving and checking in at movenpick around noon. we headed down to the lunch buffet and then immediatly switched into our bathing suits to dip in the red sea. the weather was hot and the water was cool, making it perfect to layout and then dip in and cool off when you felt the need. we kept a beer in one hand, a book in the other and had smiles on our faces the entire time!
making a pitstop at the dead sea, which was about the half-way point of our roadtrip
 welcome to egypt!
 lunch on day one: rice, chickpeas, potatos, veggies and salad and bread with tahini
 enjoying (maybe a little too much!) the 1st cocktail of the trip
a concoction of orange juice, gin, grenadine and diet pepsi
 the view of the jordanian mountains & the red sea from our room
the red sea + a parasailer in the background!
 our room (standing at the front door)
 our room (standing at the balcony door)
we strolled barefoot along the beach in the evening
stay tuned for “sinai, day two” on the blog tomorrow!!
ps- it’s¬†the holiday sukkot here tonight so happy holiday!!¬† ūüôā

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