sinai, day two

on day two of our trip, we woke up early to have breakfast, then changed right into our swimsuits to go snorkling! we brought one mask and snorkel with us, so we only needed to rent one set and they let us take it for the day, including flippers, for pretty cheap. they pointed us in the direction of some pretty reefs and we got some good use out of the underwater camera case dek bought on ebay. we love snorkeling!
during the rest of the day we just hung out, lounged around, read our books and drank & ate. then at night we thought it would be fun(ny) to go see what the casino was all about. its legal to gamble in taba and theres a casino at the hilton where tons of people go from israel in order to gamble, so we were curious to see what it was all about. neither of us are into serious gambling or even know how, but we thought it would be fun to play some slots. we spent a whopping $16 and left empty handed, but at least got some laughs out of it.

here are photos from day two:


so gorgeous!
the guy in focus isn’t too bad, either  😉

reading my book  🙂
i managed to finish it the day we came back & highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading about murder investigations, it was so suspensful and what happened in the end was so unexpected!!

playing lifegaurd

a guy that worked there named hussein taught us how to write our names in arabic…on the beach bed! haha
headed to the casino with fingers crossed!!
 lounging around in the oh-so comfortable hammocks

a post on “sinai: day three” coming up next!

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