stav means fall (or autumn) in hebrew and even though its still warm here, i broke out my boots the other day and have this sudden itch to wear cozy sweaters and beanies already!
i love the summer…and hate the winter, so fall is perfect for me. the sun is still warm and the cool night breeze makes it perfect to go on walks or sit outside with some hot cocoa a glass of wine.
im on a strict no-shopping diet, so i cant really make any purchases, but i am dreaming of pretty layers.
i love this color combination
& the unexpected detail of the gloves…which look like golf gloves
 chevron print sweater in gray & neon
 a simple oxblood colored sweater with a messy updo
 indian print cardi over a graphic tee
 a beautifully belted jacket
 there are so many layers going on here.
i love it!
a nice tweed jacket over a plain white tee
all black with a neon beanie
 i love when the sleeves of your under-layer show
i gots to get me a pair of these ankle boots
& add some glitter to ’em!
 the perfect fall outfit, from head to toe
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