in the capital

dek & i made our way to jerusalem today, we had an erron to run.
jerusalem is one hectic city, to say the least!
we have a love/hate relationship.
managed to take some outfit photos, even though im really wearing nothing special, and also some photos of our dinner on the way back home. we stopped in a village called abu gosh and ordered hummus, salad and falafel balls. the hummus was warm and creamy and so flavorful with little bits of peppers and garlic on top and the falafel balls were also hot and they were crispy, just the way i like ’em!
random fact: the restaurant we ate at won, back in 2010, a guiness book of world record for making the biggest batch of hummus…4 tons!
wearing: tank top from h&o, jeans from abercrombie, sandals from zara & coach clutch


 *playing with our new lens*
 mmm…fresh, warm hummus with a finely chopped cucumber and tomato salad
 extra crispy falafel balls…just the way i like ’em!
tomorrow i’m off to tel aviv with my dad!

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