blang in my grill

hey guys!
i have barely felt like blogging lately, plus nothing exciting has been going on, so sorry on the lack of posts!
but today dek and i decided to go get day drunk. well, that wasnt the initial plan, but thats what ended up happening. haha. we went out for beer and edamame and ended up taking shots. woops. anyways, it was a fun day date  🙂
i also got a new temporary accessory!!! my dentist totally talked me into getting this itty bitty diamond put on my tooth and i went for it. it was so weird at first and i totally felt gangster, but now i think its kinda cute. anyways, it should only last a few months, but i think its pretty fun!! what do you think?
wearing a new scarf in a bright coral peach color, navy dress from marshalls & sandals from zara


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