letting loose

hey guys!
hope everyone had a spooky halloween if you celebrated  ๐Ÿ™‚

anyways, i can finally talk about mine & dekel’s future plans here on the blog & i am so excited to share this news!

i was waiting until he spoke to his boss about leaving, because these days, you can never know who reads your blog, right?! so sunday, he had a meeting with her and told her that we are planning to move to the states and that his last day to work there will be dec. 6. so now i am free to talk about what’s been going on and what our future holds.
since the beginning of march, right after we got married, we have been working on getting dekel his green card. because, despite what people think, it is not automatic since we are married. he needed to apply, we had to prove we have been together for a few years, he had to have a “sponsor,” get a medical exam, pay tons of fees and finally have an interview. (that’s why we were in jerusalem last week!)
anyways, so we are finally done after 7 long months with the green card application and it is now processing in jerusalem and we should have it within a few weeks. whew!
i have mentioned on the blog about our upcoming trip to thailand (here & here), but i have not gone into too much detail about it because we weren’t sure when we would go and where we would travel, but now we know! we will be leaving israel dec. 16, flying to bangkok to meet my mom, sister and best friend where we will be with them and travel with them in north and south of thailand for about 3 weeks. then, they are going home and dek and i will fly to laos, where we will spend a few weeks, then we will travel to vietnam and then cambodia. eventually, ending our planned 3-month trip back in thailand on some of the beaches we didnt get to go to initially.
THEN, we are moving back to texas!!!
it’s like so surreal to even say out loud.
after 4+ years living in israel, i can honestly say i have really taken advantage of living here. like i learned the language, traveled all over the country, found a husband  ๐Ÿ™‚  and even earned my second degree.
i love the country and i had an amazing time here, but i am ready to be home.
dekel is really excited, too.
neither of us really know what we plan to do when we get to dallas.
finding jobs will be intimidating for both of us, especially for him, but he is ready to leave israel as well and try living over there. we will have the support of my family and friends and dek is so friendly and cute, he will fit right in.
as for our stuff, we will be just shipping (by sea) some boxes with clothes to my mom’s house in dallas and traveling to thailand with only a backpack. pretty intimidating, but so exciting at the same time.

this is going to be the trip of a lifetime & i plan on blogging while we travel, not as often, but hopefully a couple times a week (where there is internet, of course). i want to document every step of the way! i’ve never been “backpacking” and am just so excited!

this is fair warning for many posts about asia coming up until december  ๐Ÿ™‚


have you ever been “backpacking” through countries?
have you ever been to thailand??

i would love to hear some of your travel stories!


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