savoring that good ‘ol family time

the last few days have been all about family and just hanging out with ones we love.
since we leave the country in 4 days, we are just soaking up all the time we can get with them.
since “moving in” to dekel’s parents house, we get to see his older siblings and their kids a lot more, since they drop them off if they need to run an erron or if they are just stopping by to say hi. dekel’s older brother, elad, has two children, a 3-year-old daughter named ma’ayan & an 8-month-old baby named eitai & dekel’s sister has a 1.5-year-old daughter named maya. below are some photos we took while just hanging out in the living room playing with the kids. i must say that to see dekel holding the baby was kind of an emotional experience  🙂 he was just so gentle with him and it was so cute to see them study each other!!today we met up with my dad for a hummus lunch in ramat yishay then we went to visit my saba & savta (saba means grandfather & savta means grandmother in hebrew) where we just hung out, talked and laughed. my saba is quite the comedian! we will see them again friday night for shabat dinner where we will need to say goodbye until we come back to visit, probably in a year and a half from now.

dekel & baby eitai

dekel’s dad, efraim & baby eitai
dekel took this very “artistic” shot & i love it!
little maya
me & dek heading to my grandparents house for a little visit
saba charles & dekel bonding
my saba grows these hot chili peppers & always has an abundance of them in the kitchen
my saba is a sculptor & showcases his works of art throughtout their house & in their garden and even has a large collection of them in a room of their own


this is a 3-foot tall sculpture of a fist that he carved out of marble, it has a special place in a corner of their computer room upstairs
my israeli grandparents 🙂
saba charles & savta claude
tonight dek & i are going to watch sinister.
have you seen it?
hope i dont get too scared!

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