breakfast in braids & blue jeans

this morning dekel & i got up and made our way via bus to afula to have one last elaborate israeli breakfast for two. we love mornings like these!
after breakfast of delishious salads, omlets, fresh bread, creme cheese, salty olives, tahini & coffee we went to develop some photos to give to our families before we leave and also to take some with us on our trip. we hit up the post office to send something for dek’s brother before making our way to the bus station to come back home. now im about to work on transferring all my photos, songs, etc onto my external harddrive because on friday or saturday we are selling my laptop that i have had since 2006! that’s 6 years of stuff i need to clean off of here and im so overwhelmed. wish me luck!
a happy boy with his coffee

 i love the salad there! instead of eggs, i order double 🙂
it’s with fresh arugula, mushrooms, carrots, baby tomatoes & different nuts topped with this sweet, but light dressing. sooo gooodd!!!
  i wore hollister jeans, converse & a sweater borrowed from dekel’s little bother.
i also was kind of annoyed with my hair this morning so i braided my bangs and then finished it off with a fishtail braid.

i love grafitti walls & photos with grafitti walls so anytime we see them i make dek take pics!


tonight i’m going with dek to get his hair cut (so exciting, right?!) then we will probably go out for dinner somewhere. we also downloaded 10 years, which i will probably make dekel watch with me later. anyone seen it?

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