in bangkok

so we made it to bangkok after a very weird bus experience.
we took the ferry to krabi from koh phi phi and from there got on a little mini van that took us to the “bus station” where we waited for like an hour for our bus to bangkok. after finally boarding we made a stop after an hour at some really random shack place where we had to get off the bus we were on and transfer all our luggage to another bus. it was so nasty there too. so after waiting at the shack we boarded the other bus and made our way (12 hours) to bangkok. the ride wasn’t bad at all, we all mostly slept through the night. we arrived in bangkok city around 7 am and caught a cab (well, 2 cabs since there are 5 of us) and were on our way to our hostel. we made it and immediately ate some breakfast & then we split up since dek & i needed to get our vietnam visas. my mom, sister & friend, dandi, went to the mbk mall where we met up with them after dropping off our visas. we did some shopping there and then we split up again, this time dekel, mirelle & i went to fuji because dekel’s waterproof camera wasnt working and we thought they could fix it for a fair price. boy were we wrong! they were so rude to us and they wanted a fortune just to replace a few parts. so we left there without fixing it & met my mom & dandi at our hostel. we all showered and then walked to chinatown, which ended up being closed for some reason so we took a tuk tuk to a night market and just walked around and found some dinner.two days ago we woke up early & took a bus to the grand palace.
dek, mirelle & i didnt end up going in because we weren’t dressed properly (even though you could rent clothes for free) we were just over it & it was kinda “pricy” at 500 baht per person. instead we cabbed it to pick up mine & dek’s vietnam visas at the vietnam embassy and then we ended up walking around and getting fries and mcflurries at mcdonalds before making it back to the hostel.

yesterday we got up at the crack of dawn to be the first bargainers at the chatuchuk weekend market. we took the subway there and it dropped us right at the entrance (kampangphet exit) and we got a light breakfast and some coffee and then started shopping! well, dekel and i are not really “shopping” yet because we will be back in bangkok after our travels to fly home to dallas, so we helped mirelle, dandi and mom bargain and they got some great stuff. everything is sold there from clothes, accessories, toys, pets (squirrels!), shoes, handmade gifts, swimsuits, jeans, etc…it was overwhelming. after about 5 hours of walking in the blistering heat and the crowded narrow market ways we called it a day. we were all in agreement to not walk anymore that night so we went to mbk cinema to see jack reacher with tom cruise. it was a good choice because it had action for dek and some funny parts for us girls. i felt sick last night so i cancelled on going on the bike tour we planned on doing today. mom, mirelle and dandi went and said it was amazing. dek & i slept in and went to kao san for some israeli food at shoshana’s. were all back at the hostel now and showered and will probably go out tonight for some thai food.

a rainy, muggy day in koh phi phi

the flooded “street”

walking along the beach 

we loved this log swing!

jumpy photo attempt 30

i love the long tail boats

pretty koh phi phi

i love me a good coconut shake

pretty flower field in koh phi phi

roosters, of course

a tsunami memorial we found while wondering around the island of koh phi phi

getting dreads

we went back for those strong ass margaritas. yum!

going out on new years eve! 
with our mojito bucket  🙂

my husband 

we partied at ibiza

drinking a strawberry/ raspberry shake & playing cards on long beach

reading on long beach

he loves me

on the ferry from koh phi phi to krabi
waiting for our “VIP” bus to bangkok
my 1st tuk tuk ride in bangkok!

 polos galore at mbk mall in bangkok 

 lunch at mbk

a cute sign by the breakfast bar at our hostel

 a monk waiting for the bus

walking through the flower market


 cute little tuk tuks 

 some of the stretches in a thai massage.
i particularly liked the bottom left: “stretching for vomit”

walking to the grand palace
we were not dressed properly for sure

 coffee & brownie break

 we got our vietnam visa!

sister love

 bangkok traffic

 posing for a pic in front of some thai grafitti

 new $0.30 earrings 

we rode the subway

 subway pic

street vendors pic from the bus

new $2.00 sandals from the weekend market


dek on bus 53 on our way to lunch

@ shoshana’s
i had schnitzel with fries (or, “chips”) & israeli salad. sooo gooood!!!

new capri pants


tomorrow i dek’s bday & we all plan on going to the famous floating market.
then on the 8th we part from my mom, mirelle & dandi and they fly home and dek & i fly to vientiane, laos.
 i’ll try to blog soon!


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