herbs & things

this morning dekel & i wandered downtown to find farmer’s market
it was a fun way for us to explore around dallas a little bit.
we found some herbs. 
then a great spot for a photoshoot.
then we grabbed some grub.

we want to create a recycled pallet vertical garden.
anyone ever done that?
or have suggestions for planting a cute herb garden?

anyways, here are some photos from our day, if you would like to see…

downtown dallas

what we took home:
we definitely took home some of those  juicy red grapefruits
for the chilly, but sunny day i wore: 
zara jacket, zara maxi skirt, marshall’s top, nice west boots, borrowed purse from my sister

a stop at jason’s deli was a must!
i had half of the ranchero wrap with a side salad & dekel had a spinach veggie wrap with tortilla chips & salsa on the side
 he helped me finish my strawberries 🙂

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