we look to the sun like sunflowers

the other day mirelle & i were out and about running errons when we saw this beautiful wildflower field off the highway, so we decided to stop to showcase mirelle’s new sunflower halo from etsy.
she also bought this one that we will bust out pretty soon 🙂
tonight we’re going to celebrate our friend’s wedding. 
she (& the wedding itself) will be so beautiful & i cant wait to see friends i haven’t seen since i moved back.
i didn’t decide what to wear yet, but hopefully my friend dandi will let me borrow a dress!
then tomorrow is family day. 
dekel & i will go over to my grandmother’s house early to mow, rake leaves and trim bushes before we do our traditional sunday family lunch
what are your plans this weekend? 
i wore an abercrombie tank top, h&o cover-up (from israel), h&m capris & sperry top siders (how cute are these?!)

mirelle wore abercrombie tank top, old navy shorts & converse

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