poolside & lovin’ it

mirelle just got this purple fringe bikini and we had perfect opportunity to snap some photos of it a few weeks ago when it was a scorching 95+ degrees outside. she currently lives with her boyfriend & he has a pool, so we take advantage & lounge by it as often as possible! also, i brought our long-haired wiener dog ‘peanut’ & he got in the pool with us!!! cutest thing ever!!!
shorts: tj maxx, bikini top: ebay, bikini bottom: old navy, earrings: sam moon, halo: etsy, sunnies: random


shorts: old navy, bikini top: target, bikini bottom: old navy, sunnies: zero uv
 a little doggy paddle action
have you had a chance to get to the pool this summer??
it’s HOT here in texas! 🙂

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